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      Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital wants to help you keep your pet safe during the hot Houston weather!   

       We hope the following information will help keep your pet safe and healthy as our days start to warm up.   Houston weather can be hot and humid and yet people still walk and even run their dogs during all hours of the day.  People think because the dog acts excited to go or continues to chase the ball that they must be having fun.  Actually they are excited about spending time with you and pleasing you.  Some pets will chase a ball until they literally cannot get up.  Pets conditioned for outside activity are still at risk.  A heat stroke can cause irreversible brain damage and even death.  Death by heat stroke is a very painful death, but it is also very painful for an owner to watch. This is a preventable death. Dogs cannot sweat, thus they cool themselves through panting.  In extreme heat or if the pet is dehydrated, their panting becomes inefficient.  Remember that even on cooler days, high humidity can cause your pet to overheat.  Symptoms of a heat stroke are vigorous panting, laying on their side, unable to stand, and possibly frothy foam around the mouth.  However, some pets become severely agitated and some show signs of shock.  Cooling down your pet should be done immediately with tap water.  Ice or cold water is not recommended.  Since a heat stroke affects nearly every system in the body, simply cooling your pet will not address all the potential harmful effects to your pet.  Here are a few simple tips to keep your pet safe from heat. If outdoors, always make sure your pet has access to water and shade.  Avoid long periods of outdoor play.  Don't depend on your pet to let you know when he has had enough play time. A pet can quickly overheat in a parked car, even with the windows down.  Please seek treatment from a veterinarian immediately if you think your pet has overheated. Call us at 281-856-7023 if you have any questions.  
      If you are taking your pet with you on vacation this year, make sure the pet is current on all vaccinations, and take proof of the vaccinations with you. Have the name and number of a veterinary clinic in your vacation area in case your pet has an emergency.  Always make sure that your pet is wearing a collar with ID tags.  Micro-chipping is a permanent form of ID for your pet.  Your pet's information and your contact information will be listed in the HomeAgain national data base.  Make sure you always have water and a leash in your car in case of car trouble. Many hotels say pet friendly, but ask the specifics.  Many have breed or weight restrictions. Don't forget to take flea and tick treatment as well as your pet's other medications with you on vacation.  We hope you have a safe trip!

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