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Springtime Worries!!!! 

We wanted a page to provide some helpful tips. Please click on the categories below for important information.

Spring Time Worries

Heat Stroke

Sago Palm Toxicity

Roadside Sales


Dangerous Foods

Bones are Dangerous!


Summertime Tips!!!!

Summer Time Tips


Lost Pets!

If you have a lost or a found pet, you can go to www.copperfield.org and click on the lost and found pet icon and search for information.  You can email them your information and they will post it.  Please take a moment to check out the site.  They will even post information on strays running lose.  They provide a wonderful service to the community.  Please stop by our veterinarian hospital in NW Houston with a stray, we will be happy to scan it to see if it has a microchip.  Please stop by with the stray, it only takes a minute to scan for a chip.  Please read the info on microchipping and help keep your pet safe by getting it microchipped.

For more information contact Longenbaugh Animal Hospital today, we are your local animal clinic in Cypress!