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October is cat month!

Boo! Cats need care too! October is dedicated to cats! We have special pricing for spays, neuters, dentals, exams, and blood work. Take advantage of these cat month specials.

About 81% of cat owners think their cat does not need veterinary care.  The most essential factor in your cat's health is a regular veterinary exam.  Delaying a routine exam can also be a financial risk, as potentially serious illnesses if diagnosed early, can mean less expensive treatment and a better prognosis.  All cats are susceptible to hidden diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease. During the month of October, bring your cat in for an exam for only $35.95. Your cat could have hidden health problems, and delay will only worsen the problems and compromise his health.

Are you having problems with your cat shredding furniture? At Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital we have been using laser surgery for cat declaws for 11 years?  Declaws done by a laser are less painful, cause less blood loss, and thus allow for a quicker recovery.  Many people choose to take their cat to a shelter instead of getting them declawed.  Declawing allows a cat to stay with the family he loves and trusts.  

Did you know that cats can get heartworm disease?  Even indoor cats are susceptible to heartworm disease from mosquitoes that have entered the home through open doors and windows.  In cats, heartworm disease targets the lungs. Nearly two thirds of heartworm-infected cats have coughing, wheezing, vomiting, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, and weight loss. Please call us to find out about heartworm prevention for your cat.

How many cats do you have?  Did you know that you should have at least one more litter box than the number of cats?  Litter boxes should be cleaned at least daily, but twice daily is even better.  Extra litter boxes and cleaner litter boxes can help improve a cat with behavioral issues and chronic urinary issues.

Remember Harris County requires all cats to have a current rabies vaccination and this includes indoor only cats.  Please call us and let us set up an individualized treatment plan for your cat to make sure they are healthy and current on vaccinations.  Take advantage of the cat month specials.  We will be happy to set up a treatment plan that makes caring for your cat more affordable.