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 Surgical Services of Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital

(animal clinic for dogs and cats in Copperfield of northwest Houston/Cy-Fair)

Our pet surgery in Copperfield includes spays, neuters, and cat declaws, as well as other major surgeries. All of our surgery patients have preoperative blood work to ensure they do not have underlying health issues that would put them at risk during surgery. Patient's blood pressure, EKG, oxygen level, carbon dioxide levels, body temperature, heart rate, and respiration rate are monitored by a technician during surgery. Post-surgical monitoring continues until your pet is fully recovered. We use pain management for all of our surgeries. 

Laser Surgery: The use of a laser during surgical procedures means less blood loss for your pet, less swelling at the incision site, and less post-operative pain for your pet. Also the laser allows for very precise removal of tissue.

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