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         June and July Newsletter

          June is off to a warm start.  Just a reminder that our humid and hot weather can expose pets to the dangers of heat stress and stroke.  Learn more at www.longenbaughvet.com.  If you think your pet is suffering from heat stress, please seek veterinary care immediately.

          We are still using curbside service and social distancing through July.  Hopefully, we can begin a path back to normalcy by August!

           Hurricane season is here!  The best way to protect your pet is to have an emergency plan already prepared.  Never leave your pet behind!  Plan your evacuation route now! Know the names and locations of pet friendly hotels, keep vaccination records in a watertight container, and make sure your pet has a form of ID in case you become separated.  Take advantage of our HomeAgain microchip special!  A permanent form of ID for your pet.  The $45 includes your registration with HomeAgain in their national pet data base.  In case of evacuation, please take a week’s worth of your pet’s medication and food.  Always travel with water and water bowl, a leash for your dog and a carrier for your cat.  Have the name and phone number of a veterinary clinic or emergency clinic in the new area.  Remember if your pet suffers from anxiety or fear of loud noise, call us for medication to take with you for your pet.  Stay safe this summer!

         We are still offering our 2019 discounts for certain veterinary services through June.  Take advantage of these offers before June 30th.

          Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital will be closed July 3rd in observance of July 4th Independence Day!

          Dr. Keadle and the staff at Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital want to thank you for your patience and understanding during these last few months.  Hopefully, we can go forward and have a happy and healthy summer and fall.  We are looking forward to our fall events!  I am looking forward to George Lucian’s first “Pet Pictures with Santa!”

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           Have a Happy 4th of July!