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Summer Time Tips!

Summer heat and humidity can make your pet very uncomfortable. We hope the following tips will help you keep your pet safe and comfortable during the summer. If outdoors, always make sure your pet has access to water and shade. Avoid long periods of outdoor play, don't depend on your pet letting you know when he has had enough play time. Some dogs will chase a ball or run until they drop. Heat stress and ultimately heat stroke can cause death. Please remember that a pet can quickly over heat in a parked car, even with the windows down.

If you are taking your pet with you on vacation, make sure the pet is current on all vaccinations, and take proof of the vaccinations with you. Have the name and number of a veterinary clinic in your vacation area in case your pet has an emergency. Always make sure that your pet is wearing a collar with ID tags. Microchipping is a good idea for your pet. Make sure you have water and a leash for your pet in the car in case of car trouble. Don't forget to take tick and flea preventive as well as your pet's other medication.

We need to have inclement weather plans for our pets. We recommend that if you evacuate for a hurricane, you take your pet with you. Make sure your pet wears his collar with ID tags. Take proof of your pet's vaccinations, leash, all medications, and food and water with you. If you need to find a pet friendly hotel, you can google pet friendly hotels in Texas or whatever state you are going to, and you will get a list of hotels that will take pets. If you have any questions please call us at 281-856-7023.