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At Home Care From Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital

Longenbaugh vet is an animal clinic in Copperfield that provides excellent surgical services for pets. But our service does not end upon discharge.

During your discharge appointment, you will be given written instructions on how to care for your pet at home during their recovery. Please keep these instructions available to all people involved in your pet's care throughout the recovery period.

On the day of surgery, once your pet is home, you should not feed your pet immediately.  After 8pm, you may feed a small meal and give ice cubes, not water, until the following morning.

If your pet has had surgery, please prevent your pet from licking the incision area.  Infection can occur if the incision area is licked, sutures are chewed out, or the area becomes moist from water or saliva.  We recommend you have your pet wear an E-collar or donut type collar to prevent them from harming the area. Please be advised that an inflamed surgery site is not covered in the cost of the surgery.  This is a new condition usually due to improper home care.

After surgery your pet should have very little activity for 14 days. You should have your pet on a leash and limit outside activity to short restroom breaks only.  High activity can lead to open incisions, increased pain, and swelling.

Always finish all medications and use them as directed. Follow-up appointments are important.  If you cannot keep your appointment, please call and ask to speak to a technician.  We will want to know about your pet's progress. We will call the day after surgery to check on your pet, but please call us if you have any questions.

For more information on at home care please contact Longenbaugh Vet, your animal clinic in Copperfield, today!