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Welcome to Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital

(a small animal (dogs and cats) vet clinic/animal hospital located in the Cypress/ Copperfield area of northwest Houston)


We understand the special bond an owner has with their pet.   Pets are members of your family.  We watch them grow, and often times we are there when it is time for you to let them go.  We cry along with you.   At Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital there is no such thing as "Just a dog " or "Just a cat." Our staff understands what a special friend a person has when they own a dog or cat. 

Your dog loves you unconditionally.  When you get home, they are always glad to see you, and they never hold a grudge.  All they want is to please you.  If you have a dog, you always have someone to talk to, who will listen and never argue with you. You never have to sit at home alone or watch TV alone and they will never fight you for the remote.  Best of all, your dog will never ask to borrow your visa card. They will settle for hugs and kisses.

Of course we do not believe that a cat is "Just a cat."  We, like most cat owners, understand the unique relationship a person has with their cat.  We love our cats unconditionally, and they might be glad to see us.  We will do everything to please them, and they might appreciate it, but our cats always know we are lucky to have them.

As your veterinarian in NW Houston, our job is to educate you about the veterinary care your pets needs in order to live a long and healthy life.  We know office visits can be stressful for your pet, but we try to learn your pet's personality and individual needs to reduce as much stress as possible. Our animal hospital has provided small animal veterinary services to the cy-fair area for 28 years.

On our website you can learn about our services, submit forms, and research additional pet health information using the  Pet Medical Library. Click on Photo Album to see pictures of our animal friends.  Please email your pet's picture to lvh@longenbaughvet.com if you would like to add it to our album.  Thank you for taking the time to read about our animal hospital and the veterinary services we offer. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please contact us at (281)856-7023 for all your pet health care needs.