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Microchip Your Dog in Houston, TX

The HomeAgain Microchip Can Save Your Pets Life

Microchips Really Do Make a Difference!

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DID YOU KNOW that 4 million stray dogs end up in shelters each year?

Save yourself from unnecessary worry. Microchip your dog in Houston, TX today. Of these 4 million stray dogs,  fifteen to twenty percent are returned to their owner, ten to twenty percent are adopted out, and sixty percent are euthanized. One-half million stray cats enter shelters every year.  Only 2 percent of cats are reunited with their owners.  We want to make sure your pet does not become a stray pet.  Microchips really do make a differenceSeventy-five percent of lost pets with a home again microchip are reunited with their owner

What is a microchip? The microchip is a small electronic chip about the size of a grain of rice.  It is injected under the pet's skin.  We take the microchip number and your contact information and register it in the Home Again Microchip National Database.  

How does it work? Most shelters and veterinarians have microchip scanners.  When a stray pet is scanned the microchip number appears on the scanner.   The shelter or veterinarian then contacts HomeAgain, gives them the number, and retrieves your contact information.  You will then be contacted and reunited with your pet. 

Please, get a home again microchip for your pet this spring for the special price of $45. This price includes your $19.99 registration fee for HomeAgain's national database.  We even do the registering for you.  Don't wait call us today to get your pet micro-chipped. Learn more about pet behavior issues that can lead to your pet becoming a runaway.  Correct behavior problems now before your pet becomes a stray.

A Personal Microchip Experience for Dr. Keadle 

Dr. Keadle knows from his own personal experience that microchipping can help reunite you with your lost pet! Dr. Keadle's cat was lost for 3 months. Luckily, he had microchipped the cat and when a new client came in with her newly adopted cat from a shelter, Dr. Keadle realized her new cat was his missing cat. She didn't believe him, but he was able to scan the cat and the microchip proved he was Dr. Keadle's cat. We scan every stray that comes into our clinic, and if the animal has a microchip, even if it is not our client's pet, we will take the animal in and help reunite it with the owner. Microchipping your pet is done with a simple injection. It is not a surgical procedure. You do not have to have an exam and it only takes a few minutes. After Hurricane Ike we took in many strays. Fences were down and pets got out. The ones with microchips went home the same day they came in.  Take advantage of our Springtime Microchip Special! $45 for microchip and that includes the $17.99 registration with HomeAgain and we register your pet for you!!! 

Contact our Houston veterinarian to schedule an appointment for your pet to get the HomeAgain Microchip.