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Pet Euthanasia

In Memory of...

One of the hardest, but sometimes kindest, decisions you may ever have to make is if and when to euthanize your beloved pet. Many pet owners have questions concerning this decision, how euthanasia is performed, and what to expect. 

The decision to euthanize a pet is usually due to incurable illness, age-related problems, intractable pain, or inability to get up/walk. Some thoughts that may help you are to watch for total loss of appetite, withdrawal from the family, increasing difficulty rising, and pain. If these will not respond to treatment the quality of life may decrease to the point that you decide it is time to euthanize your pet to relieve their suffering. While we cannot make the decision for you, we are here to support you and help during this difficult time.  Please call and ask about our "at Home" euthanasia services.

  Collage Memorial Our Uncle Fred

Our Uncle Fred - 2008 - Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital was proud to be Uncle Fred's home for over a year.

Mr. Furby G

Our Little Old Man Mr. Furby G. - 9-3-11 - We love you Mr. Furby and you will always be missed. Rest In Peace old man.

Kadie K

In Loving Memory of Kadie K. - 8-9-10 - You will be missed!

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