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The Importance of Pet Insurance

Are you prepared for the unexpected?   We want to help you plan for your pet's unexpected veterinary health care costs. You can budget for yearly preventative care, but what about the unexpected major illness or accident that could cost in the thousands?  Pet insurance is a way to be prepared to help pay for your pet's unexpected veterinary needs.  Insurance can help ensure your pet has access to the latest technology and procedures.  Too many times in emergency situations, an owner has had to choose euthanasia only because of treatment costs.  A weekend emergency requiring diagnostics, treatment, and overnight monitoring can easily cost $2000.00 or more.  Insurance is a way to give owners a choice between treating and euthanizing their pet.  We recommend that all pet owners have an insurance plan that provides coverage for illnesses and accidents. When a pet becomes ill or has an accident on the weekend, waiting until Monday to avoid expensive emergency care can lead to a poor prognosis and may even lead to the death of your pet.   We encourage all pet owners to call and ask questions about coverage and pre-existing conditions.  Insurance can help you be prepared for the unexpected.

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