Leaving your pet for boarding will be accepted as proof that you the pet owner, or agent of pet owner, have been given a copy of our boarding policy and accept the terms and conditions listed.


Longenbaugh Veterinary Boarding Policy



The pet owner or agent of the owner, assumes all financial responsibility and risks involved in the boarding of their pet at Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital, including the loss or damage of any personal items brought with the pet. Boarding services are separate from veterinary services.  If unforeseen conditions arise and a pet becomes ill or injured, Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital will treat, prescribe for, or operate upon a pet while it is being boarded. All attempts to contact an owner will be made prior to a treatment costing more than $50.  Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital is not a 24 hour facility.  We do not have pet monitoring during the hours that we are closed except for our scheduled feeding and walk times.   In an after-hours EMERGENCY SITUATION, if our doctor is unavailable, your pet may be transported to an Emergency Clinic if you have authorized us to be an agent of owner and provided a form of payment for the emergency services. The pet owner assumes all responsibility for the cost incurred at the EC and the risk involved in the transport from Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital to the EC. For the safety of all animals visiting our animal hospital, we require that all boarders be current on all vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations is required.

    When dropping your pet off for boarding or picking your pet up, please understand that we do our best to attend to your needs as quickly as possible. However, Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital is a medical facility, and we must prioritize our medical cases. 







File NameDescription / Comment
Boarding ContractIf you would like a paper copy of the Boarding Contract to bring in at the time of Drop off, please click the link provided.
Boarding PolicyIf you would like a hard copy of the boarding policy, click the link provided.