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Our animal clinic is located at 15703F Longenbaugh Drive in the Copperfield/Cypress area of Northwest Houston.      Hours    


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Our veterinarian, Dr. Martin Keadle, and our veterinary staff understand the special bond a pet owner has with their pet.   Pets are members of your family.  We watch them grow, and often times we are there when it is time for you to let them go.  We cry along with you.   At our animal clinic there is no such thing as "Just a dog " or "Just a cat."  Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital has been helping animals and their families in the Cypress area of Houston for over 20 years. We invite you to learn  about our veterinary services, our animal clinic history and our latest news about pet health! 






Welcome to Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital


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As of October 1st we have new hours!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 7am to 8pm
Thursday and Friday 7am to 6pm
(closed for surgery 1pm to 2:30pm daily)



Veterinary Hospital an animal hospital in cypress area of Houston Texas www.bbb.org

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Our pets at play: Emma the chi-weenie plays with Squirrel the rabbit


Buck babysits the chi-weenies!