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No longer do pets have to endure pain or risky surgical procedures because of out dated animal medicine. Advancements in veterinary medicine have shown us that pets like their human companions need blood work before surgery and pain control during and after surgical procedures. The blood work helps detect underlying and genetic issues that might cause the death of the pet under anesthesia. Pets like people hurt during and after surgery. Veterinarians are allowed to establish their own surgery and pain protocols. At Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Keadle requires blood work and always provides pain control. All our surgeries are done in a surgical suite,with EKG and blood pressure monitoring by a technician until the pet is out of surgery and fully recovered. We advise all pet owners receiving low cost surgeries to ask to see the surgical suite and ask about the monitoring and pain protocols.  Ask if these are standard or an extra cost. Unfortunately many times pain control and preoperative blood work are considered optional, leading the pet owner to falsely assume their pet will not be in pain and is not a risk during anesthesia.

Veterinary Medicine has made tremendous advancements in pet health. Research has led to more tests for early diagnosis thus better treatment and outcome. However, pet ownership has become more expensive. Veterinary drug companies are the same human drug companies and unfortunately medications are expensive. At Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital we strive to provide the best care and to charge appropriately for the service we provide. We do not want your pet's health to suffer or for our clients to feel they cannot afford our help. Please always call with any questions concerning your pet's health or financial concerns regarding payment for your pet's treatment.

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