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January is upon us and it is time to focus on 2020.  Remember, regular preventative care can help detect and diagnose serious health issues early.  Early detection usually means less expensive treatment and a better prognosis. 

February is national pet dental month!  By the age of three, 78% of pets have dental disease.  Poor dental hygiene can cause the following problems:  bad breath, infections that spread to internal organs (Liver, Kidney, Heart), mouth & gum pain, loss of teeth, future owner expense, and potential infection spread to humans  ("Conjunctivitis").  Dentals always include dental x-rays that can help detect problems early.  Teeth can be saved and infections prevented!  Dental X-rays allow us to assess dental tissues and supporting structures for the teeth,  evaluate  periodontal and endodontic disease, missing teeth, retained roots, genetic abnormalities, tooth rot and absorption, oral masses, tumors, and permanent tooth count in puppies.  X-rays are also used for diagnosis and treatment of facial and jaw bones as well as the nasal cavity.

Check out Henry's cavity below. 


Our weather has been cold, but we still have mosquitoes.   Mosquitoes are already bad, but they will get worse.  Heartworms are a threat in Houston 12 months a year.  Always give your pet a heartworm preventative every 30 days.  Many people say they give it monthly, but we want to stress that heartworm preventative is to be given every 30 days, not just sometime during the month.  Please call us if you have any questions about how your pet gets heartworms.  Heartworms are preventable.  Heartworm treatment is serious and expensive.

Please remember that a monthly flea and tick treatment for your pet can prevent an infestation in the spring.  Monthly treatment will actually save you money.  If you get a flea infestation in the home, you will have to treat all pets, the house, and the yard on the same day.  Sometimes you have to do several months in a row.  Act now and be prepared.  Treat your pet monthly!

More information on our dentals!!!!