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Hurricane Microchip Special

$45 dollars which includes your $19.99 HomeAgain registration fee!

We register your pet for you!

          The key to hurricane preparedness is to have a plan before the season arrives.  Find pet friendly hotels or boarding facilities in safe areas now.  Keep your pet current on vaccinations and have a copy of these records with your veterinarian's info in a water tight container easily accessible in case you evacuate.  If you evacuate take at least 7 days of your pet's medicines, food and water.  Make sure your pet is wearing identification and is kept on a leash or in a carrier.  DO NOT leave your pet behind.  They depend on you to keep them safe.  If you are outside the evacuation area and decide to stay home remember to keep your pet inside, preferably in a carrier or on a leash. Keep your pet in an interior safe room away from windows.  Make sure the pet wears current identification! You should still have records easily accessible, and enough medications, food and water to last 7 days.  If your pet fears thunder or becomes stressed easily, please have anxiety medication for them.  Designate a caretaker in case something happens when you're not home. Give them a list and the location of your disaster supplies. Have a set location to meet when it is safe.  After the emergency, keep your pet in a safe area.  Check your home, yard, and fence for damage that could injure or allow your pet to escape.

          Collars can fall off your pet, but the HomeAgain Microchip is a permanent form of ID.   4 million stray dogs end up in shelters each year? Of these animals fifteen to twenty percent are returned to their owner, ten to twenty percent are adopted out, and sixty percent are euthanized. One-half million stray cats enter shelters every year.  Only 2 percent of cats are reunited with their owners.  We want to make sure your pet does not become a stray pet.  Microchips really do make a difference.  Seventy-five percent of lost pets with a HomeAgain microchip are reunited with their owner.  The microchip is a small electronic chip about the size of a grain of rice.  It is injected under the pet's skin.  We take the microchip number and your contact information and register it in the Home Again Microchip National Database.  Shelters and animal clinics have scanners they use to scan stray pets.  The scanner gives the pet ID number which allows the national data center to identify the pet and the owners contact information.  Visit www.longenbaughvet.com to learn more about HomeAgain.

      Remember to give your dog heartworm, flea and tick preventatives monthly!

              We now have free home delivery for Purina pet food. Visit www.longenbaughvet.com and click on the Purina Veterinary Home delivery link. You can purchase regular Purina Proplan food and your pet’s prescription diet. 

                Visit our website at www.longenbaughvet.com for more info and to access our on-line pharmacy link and our Purina pet food home delivery link.  Our on-line pharmacy has rebates for Heartgard, Nexgard, and Frontline products!! 

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