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Latest Clinic News 

 We now have free home delivery for Purina pet food. Visit www.longenbaughvet.com and click on the Purina Veterinary Home delivery link. You can purchase regular Purina food and your pet’s prescription diet. 

      According to the groundhog, spring will be here soon! Spring means the arrival of warmer weather, but it also means the arrival of those nasty flea and tick infestations! Remember these flea facts:  One female flea lays 50 eggs a day.  Fleas don't care if they get food from a pet or a human.  A flea that finds its way to your pet or you,may have fed on the blood of a raccoon, opossum or even a rat. Now if that fleabites you or a pet, it can spread the same disease the rat or other animal was carrying.  Fleas are the hosts of tapeworms, and dogs and cats that eat these fleas will get tapeworms.  Your carpets can be inhabited with flea larvae and flea eggs.  Monthly flea treatment for your pet is a necessity.  Visit our on-line pharmacy at www.longenbaughvet.com to order your monthly flea and tick preventative.

       This is worth repeating!  Do you know that heartworm preventative works by killing larvae that have infected your dog during the PREVIOUS 30 DAYS?  Yes your pet is not protected for the next 30 days, but the preventative kills the larvae from the previous 30 days.  Find out how the preventative really works, and why your pet needs a yearly heartworm test.

        We want to remind pet owners that Harris County has a leash law for dogs.   We see so many horrible cases of dogs being attacked while out walking with their owner.  The worst cases are the ones where the dogs were off leash and the owner had to chase after their dog.  On a leash you can better protect your dog from another aggressive dog.  Off leash a scared dog can run from the owner leaving him more vulnerable to an attack from an aggressive dog or to an injury from a car. By the time the owner reaches their dog, it can have severe injuries and we can’t always save them.  Also, if your dog bites another person who is attempting to break up a dog fight, by law that bite is reported to the authorities and your dog can be impounded even if vaccinated.  At the pound, your dog will be exposed to all sorts of diseases.  Walking your dog off leash can turn into an expensive nightmare! Please obey the law and keep your pet on a leash.

       Please remember that not all dogs are good dog park dogs!  Seldom is there anyone at a dog park to enforce the posted rules.  Unfortunately, the rule breakers tend to be the people with aggressive dogs.  We treat the injured dogs and what we see can break your heart.  Please be very careful when visiting a dog park.

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