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K-Laser Therapy is an advanced treatment for pain relief. There is no patient sedation or restraint required to treat your pets condition. At Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital we strive to find the best treatments for our patients. K-Laser therapy is the newest in non-surgical and drug-free treatment options. 

Numerous studies show that Laser Therapy can help with...


- Joint Pain

- Muscle Strains

- Puncture Wounds

- Post Surgical Pain

- Hip Dysplasia

- Burns

- Rehabilitation

- Relieves Inflammation (Anal Glands, Irritated Bladder, Etc.) 

Effects of Laser Therapy Include...

- Speeds Tissue Repair

- Relieves Pain

- Reduces Inflammation and Swelling

- Stimulate the Nerve System

- Generate New Cells

- Increases Range of Motion 

 visit www.k-laserusa.com for more information.